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$15 - Families receive three chickens, which produce about 1,000 eggs a year. Buy Learn More
$35 - Help farmers grow healthy crops for consumption and sale.
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$53/child - Giving children furniture and supplies helps learning happen!
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$75 - Goats provide families with a source of food, income and investment. Buy Learn More
$85 - Prevent malnutrition among children in areas of high food insecurity. Buy Learn More
$100 - Provide support for new moms & moms-to-be. Buy Learn More
$120 - Empower woman with credit and business skills training. Buy Learn More
$175 - Give proper nourishment to children in the critical first five years. Buy Learn More
*Buy one gift and our generous sponsor, Fleming Foundation, will donate one too. Selected gifts only to a maximum of $20,000. Offer ends November 30, 2013.

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